Our Mission

At Kane Health, we understand that sexual health is a building block for our mental health, and both are absolutely required for our overall health. For years, the treatment and care for men’s health has been focused on treating the symptoms associated with aging while paying inadequate attention to the root causes of those symptoms.

Welcome to the age of personalized medicine. We founded Kane Health with the mission of providing men with an integrated approach to men’s health that is personalized by design and focused on an elevated patient experience, while leveraging the advances in medicine and technology to help men optimize their overall health and sense of wellbeing. We have created individualized programs based on a whole-body perspective to help men achieve the lasting results they want. Our programs are designed to not only help men enhance their sexual health, but also improve energy levels, achieve higher quality of sleep, enhance cognitive function, boost libido, increase lean muscle mass, reduce fat and elevate mood.

Living longer isn't good enough...live better. Start today.
“I have spent my entire career in medicine treating men’s health. Men’s health has been my passion and focus for over twenty years. I co-founded Kane Health as a culmination of my life’s work in men’s health by taking the best practices of what I have learned to help men live better.”
Dr. Chris Threatt, MD
Board Certified Urologist
Co-Founder, Kane Health


Anne Le Ziblatt
Partner, Kane Health 
At Kane Health, Anne guides the company’s workflow strategy as well as the organization of all essential business processes and the patient experience. Prior to Kane, Anne has had an extensive career in hospitality which has spanned 20 years and has included fine dining service, operations, finance, human resources, food, wine and public relations.

Anne started her career in hospitality as the proprietor of Tamarine Restaurant & Gallery (Palo Alto) and Bong Su Restaurant & Lounge (San Francisco). Tamarine was noted as “superbly re‐imagining Vietnamese cuisine” by the Economist Magazine and Forbes declared Tamarine a “Global Power Dining Destination,” highlighting the restaurant as the steady dining destination of Silicon Valley’s leading technology titans. At Bong Su, Anne garnered national acclaim when the restaurant was named by Esquire Magazine as one of America’s “Top 20 Best New Restaurants” in the country.

In 2022, Anne co-founded Kane Health, a men’s health clinic that utilizes advances in medicine and technology to provide men with a safe, whole-body approach for male health and sexual wellness. At Kane, Anne has leveraged her years of experience in hospitality to create a patient-focused experience for Kane patients that integrates the finest points of superb hospitality with medicine to create a bespoke patient care experience.

Prior to her professional career in the hospitality industry, Anne held numerous senior management roles in marketing and communications in technology in Silicon Valley. She earned her BA degree in Asian Studies from Santa Clara University and has completed her Level I certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers. Based in San Francisco, Anne speaks Vietnamese and Spanish. She is an avid runner and enthusiastic dog lover who relishes cooking, entertaining, modern Vietnamese art and travel in her down time.