5 Benefits You Get With Concierge Medicine

Jan 11, 2023
If you’re hoping to make the most of your wellness efforts, concierge medicine may be just what the doctor ordered. Here’s a look at the benefits to anticipate.

If you’ve felt that something has been lacking from your health care visits or simply wish to bolster your efforts to cultivate the short and long-term wellness you desire, you may want to consider concierge medicine. 

In fact, research shows that people who embrace this form of care have better overall health and 70% fewer hospital admissions compared to traditional primary care practices.

At Kane Health, serving the Silicon Valley, Atherton, and the San Francisco Bay area of California, our expert team offers a Holistic Concierge Program full of innovative treatment options and ongoing assessments to support your overall health and well-being all year long.

Here’s a closer look at concierge medicine, including five benefits to look forward to. 

How concierge medicine works

Concierge medicine is a boutique form of care that’s membership-based. A typical setup involves a flat monthly fee in exchange for unlimited access to office and telehealth visits. The plans may be month-to-month or last for a set amount of time. Some concierge medicine programs focus on general medicine and primary care. Others, such as our Holistic Concierge services, specialize in particular aspects of your health and well-being.

Benefits of concierge medicine

People turn to concierge medicine for a range of reasons, many of which involve — or at least lead to — better health outcomes. A study published in the Journal of American Family Medicine showed that medical practices often see 1200-1900 patients per physician. Concierge providers, on the other hand, see far fewer. 

Given that, some of the main benefits you can expect from concierge medicine include:

  1. More focused and personalized care
  2. No need to “squeeze” your questions and concerns into quick, occasional appointments
  3. Shorter wait times for appointments
  4. More thorough exams, which make detecting any problems more likely
  5. Providers who know you and your health needs well and can cater to them

What to expect from our Holistic Concierge Program

When you participate in our Holistic Concierge Program, you’ll work closely with Dr. Chris Threatt and a team of specialized care providers who’ll coordinate pre-authorizations and any needed referrals. We’ll even help you schedule difficult-to-obtain medical appointments.

This program focuses on optimizing your sexual health through treatments such as hormone therapy and a nutraceutical regimen aimed at preventing chronic and age-related diseases. Your program will also include access to our functional nutritionist, who’ll customize a meal plan for you based on your energy levels and needs. 

You’ll also receive diagnostic evaluations regularly to make sure any early signs of a condition or disease are treated promptly. Early treatment often makes way for the best outcomes and may prevent the need for more invasive treatments in the future.

Designed for men who don’t currently work with a concierge primary care physician, the program also gives you access to some of the top medical specialists in the United States. You can consider the program a one-stop shop for preventive and ongoing health needs.

To learn more about concierge medicine or to get the holistic care you need, call Kane Health or request an appointment through our website today.