Precision Medicine services offered in Redwood City, CA

Precision medicine uses the latest scientific advances to stimulate healing and renewal. At Kane Health in Atherton, California, leading men’s health specialist Chris Threatt, MD, uses precision medicine treatments like Wharton’s jelly and purified amniotic fluid to help men revitalize their physical, cognitive, and sexual health. Book your appointment online today or call the office to schedule your visit.

Precision Medicine Q & A

What is precision medicine?

Precision medicine is a medical approach that uses synthetic substances and a wide range of natural substances derived from the human body to improve health. At Kane Health, Dr. Threatt uses the most advanced treatments to stimulate your body to heal and renew itself.

Where do precision medicine substances come from? 

Precision medicine treatments such as Wharton’s jelly and purified amniotic fluid all contain high levels of specific cells that stimulate tissue repair and new tissue growth. Peptide therapy, another precision medicine, uses lab-made amino acids to calibrate optimal health.

In cases where precision medicine treatments come from donors, those donors are thoroughly screened to make sure the product is safe for use in your medical treatments. Many precision medicine products come from women who have recently given birth.

The substances used in precision medicine products would otherwise be disposed of. But they’re such a rich source of healing cells that many women now choose to donate their umbilical cord, placenta, and other tissues.

How do I get precision medicine services? 

At Kane Health, Dr. Threatt offers comprehensive men’s health care with a primary focus on sexual, physical, and cognitive wellness. In the three men’s health programs, you can get customized services that help you be your best.

Some men’s health programs include certain precision medicine services, like peptide therapy. In peptide therapy, amino acids promote improved signaling between cells, helping you feel and function better.

And you can also choose add-on services based on your unique health needs and goals. Dr. Threatt will discuss your personal goals and health needs with you and then recommend the services that will best help you.

What are the advantages of precision medicine?

Precision medicine is specifically tailored to your personal needs and body chemistry. At Kane Health, Dr. Threatt conducts thorough evaluations and extensive testing to determine your body’s needs. Then, he uses precision medicine techniques to create a specific road map to reaching your health and wellness goals.


Many men feel mentally sharper and physically stronger and also enjoy significantly improved sexual health following a series of precision medicine treatments at Kane Health.


Find out what precision medicine can do for you. Call the Kane Health office today or click on the provided online scheduling link to arrange a consultation with Dr. Threatt.